About Us

Welcome to evgoforth.com.

One day in the spring of 2021, I planned to purchase an electric car. As most people do, I searched the internet for some recommended models, and there was a lot of information. Most of the websites provided just some reviews, or only electric car specifications, or just electric car charging stations. They didn’t meet my needs. There was a lack of information that helps people switch from gas cars to electric cars smoothly and that provides help at every step of the electric vehicle (EV) driver journey.

I began to realize that many people might be looking for the same information, and they might be confused about EV basics, how to choose an EV, and how to choose an EV charger, and where to find a public charging station for your EV, etc. Then thoughts about the integration of all these resources of EV began to be implanted in my heart.

I started www.evgoforth.com with my friends, and if you don’t know some general information about EV or EV charging, or you aren’t sure which EVs or EV chargers are best for you, or the differences between the various products and so on, our blog may provide some help. We hope this blog is your final destination. We will give you unbiased information, reviews, and practical tips you need to know about EV and EV charging and help you choose the EV charger that is right for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: contact@evgoforth.com. Thanks for visiting.