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AmazingE and AmazingE Fast Charger Review

Last updated May 15, 2022

The AmazingE and AmazingE Fast are very popular portable EVSE from one of the most well respected companies in the electric vehicle charging industry.

They are some of the small portable chargers that electric car owners can not only use for daily charging but throw it back in the trunk of their vehicles and have it there in case of emergency.

The Amazing is a sub-brand under ClipperCreek. The technology utilized in the AmazingE products is ClipperCreek technology.

However, the AmazingE branded EVSE are assembled by contract manufacturers. ClipperCreek offers support and warranty service for AmazingE products.

Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 (AmazingE)

Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 (AmazingE Fast)

These products are both classified as Level 2 EVSE or EV chargers. That’s because they both need a 240-volt supply.

Level 1 chargers are chargers that charge from a regular household outlet that’s a 120-volt source.

Since they each delivered different power levels: 16 amps for the AmazingE, and 32 amps for the AmazingE Fast, they use different plugs.

The plug on the AmazingE is called a NEMA 14-30, and the plug on the AmazingE Fast is a NEMA 14-50. The higher number means that it needs to be on a more powerful circuit because it delivers more power.

Both of the units come with the industry standard J1772 connector. These connectors will charge any electric vehicle sold in North America, even Teslas.

Even though Tesla uses their own proprietary connector, a J1772 to Tesla adapter makes the charging with the AmazingE and AmazingE Fast chargers come true.

What you need to do is simply attach one end of the adapter to the front of the top of your J1772 and plug it into your Tesla.

AmazingE Charger

The AmazingE comes with a NEMA 14-30 plug that needs to be wired on a 30-amp dedicated circuit.

This unit costs $329, and it can deliver 16 amps to the vehicle, which is 3.8 kW. It charges an EV three times faster than the charger that comes with the vehicle if the EV only comes with a 120-volt cord set.

However, many electric vehicles are now coming standard with Level 2 chargers. Some of them are even dual voltage, where you can unplug the adapter and plug it into a 120-volt outlet or put in a different adapter and charge it from a 240-volt source.

So you have to know the equipment that your EV comes with and to know if this is an upgrade or not.

You still might want to get a second charger. Maybe you leave the one that comes with the car at home, plugged in and attached to the wall, and take the second charger on the road.

However, make sure you understand exactly what equipment your vehicle comes with, and you’ll be able to make a better choice on whether or not you need additional charging equipment.

The AmazingE will add 10 to 12 miles of range per hour charging, depending on how efficient your vehicle is.

It comes standard with a 20-foot long cable.

AmazingE Fast Charger

The AmazingE Fast charger costs $484 in the plug-in version that comes with the NEMA 14-50 plug and $469 in the hardwired version.

The AmazingE Fast comes standard with a 25-foot cable, 5 feet longer than the AmazingE. The cable is thicker because the unit delivers twice the power the AmazingE fast.

It delivers 32 amps to the vehicle, which can charge an electric vehicle at a rate of 7.7 kW. That’s good enough to add 25 to 30 miles of range per hour of charging to your electric vehicle, depending on how efficient the vehicle is.

Features of AmazingE and AmazingE Fast in Common

Both units are NEMA 4 rated, which is a very good rating for outdoor weatherproofing.

Many portable and wall mounted EVSE, or EV chargers are NEMA 3 rated, which is fine for outdoor use, but NEMA 4 rating gives you an extra level of protection against blowing rain and driving snow.

Therefore, both of these units are really good to use outside, even in extreme weather conditions. You could charge your EV with these chargers when in the driving rain or in the snow.

These are portable units, so you can use them as your daily charger at home and mount them on the wall.

Both of the units are safety certified, and they come with three-year warranties, which is very good for these smaller portable units.

As these are portable chargers, they come with neither a cable management system nor a connector holster. You can check on Amazon to get the cable management that the connector holster built right into.

weatherproof safety warranty


  1. The AmazingE is a 16-amp small, lightweight, portable charger. It’s built very well and has a very good warranty, safety certified.

It’s super small and lightweight so it’s easy to take around.

It has the NEMA 14-30 plug, which is a very common plug and not too hard for you to find if you need to plug in to charge your vehicle.

However, it is a little pricey for a 16amp unit, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

There are 16amp portable chargers that do cost less than this, but they may not be built as well as the AmazingE.

  1. The AmazingEFast is a powerful small, and compact unit that delivers 32 amps to the vehicle. It has a nice long 25-foot cord that’s really thick.

It has the NEMA 14-50 outlet, which is the industry standard for higher powered electric vehicle chargers.

It comes with the same three-year warranty.

However, still, it’s expensive for a portable 32amp charger, but if you want quality and are willing to pay a little bit more, this is a high quality unit, much better than a lot of the charging equipment. 

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