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Best Electric Chopper Bike

Last updated Nov 11, 2021
An electric chopper bike is an excellent alternative to a traditional electric bike.

When it comes to an electric chopper bike, fantastic designs and looks are the first things to notice.

It’s a guarantee that you will get many admiring looks as you ride on such a bike.

In addition to that, the low saddle is pretty comfortable and matches the rest of the ebike.

We’ll list the four best electric chopper bikes. You can check some important features and choose the right one.

Power: 750W BAFANG motor | Battery: 14AH 48V lithium-ion Samsung battery | Maximum speed: 27 MPH | Range: 30-50 miles | Tires: 20”x4.0” front fat tire; 24”x4.0” rear fat tire; 30PSI | Brakes: Tektro hydraulic disc | Frame material: Aluminum alloy | Adjustable speeds: 6
Revolve is a company that builds a whole line of really unique bikes. The newest Revolve  chopper is one of the best electric chopper bikes on the market.

The chopper comes with a very big battery, a 48V 14AH Samsung cell battery.

The 750W GERD HUB motor from BAFANG gives you a lot of power and allows you to ride at a maximum speed of 27 miles per hour.

The traveling range ranges from 30-50 miles per charge and lasts 4-6 hours.

A small 20”x4” front fat tire and 24”x4” rear fat tire give you a cool torque feel.

The throttle and five levels of pedal assist function make sure that you can stop when you want to. There are hydraulic disc bakes made by Tektro in the bike.

  • Unique look

  • Comfortable and powerful

  • 750W BAFANG motor

  • 14AH 48V lithium-ion Samsung batteries

  • Tektro hydraulic disk brakes

  • $2,199

2. Micargi Cyclone Electric Chopper Bike

Power: 500W motor | Battery: 11.6AH 48V lithium battery | Maximum speed: 24 MPH | Tires: 26”x4.0” fat tires | Brakes: Disc | Frame material: Steel | Adjustable speeds: 1
The Micargi Cyclone electric chopper bike is powered by a 500W direct-drive motor. The chopper comes with high-quality and solid batteries that are lightweight 11.6AH 48V lithium Panasonic batteries.

The battery can last 4-6 hours every single charge, depending on the speed you ride at. The bike comes at a maximum speed of 24 miles per hour.

The frame of the bike has a low-rise, cruiser design, which makes the chopper look cool aesthetically.

The wide fat tires make you ride this electric chopper bike on any road easily. The low-pressure tires are great shock absorbers and give the maneuverability of an EV.

It also has a pedal-assist function.

The disc brakes can stop your bike at a stationary position immediately, so it’s safe to ride on this bike.

  • Aesthetically stylish design

  • 26” x 4.0” fat tires

  • 500W BAFANG direct-drive motor

  • 11.6AH 48V lightweight lithium-ion Panasonic batteries

  • Power disc brakes

  • $1,989
Power: 500W motor | Battery: 14AH 48V lithium-ion Samsung battery | Maximum speed: 25 MPH | Range: 20-40 miles | Tires: 20”x4.25” fat tires | Brakes: Tektro Hydraulic disc | Frame material: Aluminum
The PLUM GT5 electric chopper bike has a 500W rear hub motor. The powerful motor is equipped with 48V 14AH Samsung batteries.

You can get anywhere between 20 and 40 miles of range with just the throttle. If you decided to use the pedal assist, you would probably get more than that.

It feels super comfortable on the fat tires of the electric chopper carving on the street. It also holds up really well on the sand at the beach.

Three levels of pedal assist and a half twist throttle help you stop.

The bike runs super quiet, but it’s still got a little bit of motor noise to make you know you’re not just a normal pedal bike.

All the frames are built in California, and almost all the components are American sources.

The clean, comfortable, high-quality built and powerful performance makes the PLUM GT5 electric chopper bike a great choice if you are looking for a beach cruiser, an ebike for short commutes or even a dirt bike.

  • Sleek design

  • High quality

  • Powerful 500W rear hub motor

  • 20” x 4.25” fat tires

  • 14AH 48V lithium-ion batteries

  • Multipurpose

  • $2,900
Power: 2500W rear and direct-drive motors | Battery: 20AH 52V battery | Maximum speed: 47 MPH | Range: 62 miles | Brakes: Hydraulic disc | Frame material: Copper
EastVanChopcycle produces the fastest electric chopper bikes by hand on the market. “The Dual” electric chopper features a 52V 20AH battery made of 21,700 cells powering two programmable motor controllers and two hub motors, which is a great size.

It will give you up to 62 miles of range, depending on how much effort you’re putting in.

The top speed is going to be 47 miles an hour.

The chopper has hydraulic brakes, and 203-millimeter rotors provide plenty of stopping power.

  • Sleek design

  • Super powerful 2500W rear and direct-drive motors

  • 20AH 52V battery

  • Fastest charging electric chopper bike

  • Multipurpose

  • $9,000

What Is An Electric Chopper Bike?

An electric chopper bike is inspired and designed based on Harley-Davidson. It’s a cross between a motorcycle and a bicycle. The power is produced by electricity instead of oil.



The chopper includes a cool, stylish design on the look, which may be why most people would want to get one.

It definitely draws attention when you ride a chopper on the street. It’s a different-looking style for sure.

They have a unique frame, low and comfortable saddle, extended suspension fork, “Z” handlebars, and so on.

Electric choppers can be categorized into three kinds: Electric chopper motorcycle, electric chopper bike, and mini electric choppers.

No matter what style you like, you can find a unique electric chopper bike to fit your needs.

Owning one electric chopper bike is not just for short commutes, but for a more exciting and fun life.