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Best Home Chargers for Ioniq 5

Last updated Mar 21, 2023

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has a standard range battery of 58 kWh or an extended range battery of 77.4 kWh. The vehicle has a 10.9 kW on-board charger so it can accept up to 10.9 kW of power.

You don’t have to worry if you have a home charging station that can deliver more than 10.9 kW because the vehicle will only accept 10.9 kW, and won’t accept more power than it can safely take in. So you can get a charging station that delivers more power than the Ioniq 5 can accept.

If you’re searching for home charging stations, there are 40-amp home charging stations, like the JuiceBox 40, and there are charging stations that can deliver more power, like the ChargePoint Home Flex or the Autel MaxiCharger 50 which can deliver up to 50 amps.

A 40-amp home charging station will deliver up to 9.6 kW to the electric vehicle. Therefore, a 40-amp home charging station will deliver a little less power than the maximum charge rate that the Ioniq 5 can accept. To be honest, it’s plenty of power. The 9.6 kW will charge the vehicle nearly as quickly as if you get one that can deliver the maximum power, the 10.9 kW.

If you really want the Ioniq 5 to charge as quickly as it possibly can, you need to get a 48-amp charging station, like the ChargePoint Home Flex, which actually can deliver up to 50 amps, but then you need to hardwire it because home charging stations that plug in can only deliver up to 40 amps.

Okay. Let’s take a look at the top 7 best home chargers for Ioniq 5. Hope you can get the one that fits you best.

ChargePoint Home Flex – The Best Home Charger for Ioniq 5

ChargePoint Home Flex

The ChargePoint Home Flex is the newest addition to the ChargePoint lineup. It’s designed to grow with you as you upgrade your garage infrastructure.

It goes to either NEMA 6-50 or NEMA 14-50 from your standard wall outlet. It delivers up to 50 amps of power, which means that it can nearly charge any EV including the Ioniq 5 to its maximum charge rate because the Ioniq 5 has a 10.9kW on-board charger. However, you need to hardwire it if you want to get the full power to the Ioniq 5 because the version that plugs in can only deliver up to 40 amps / 9.6 kW.

The ChargePoint app allows you to schedule charging when energy is the cheapest. It can remind you to plug in your vehicle, track all of your charging, locate the nearest charge away from your home station and connect to your smart home via Alexa.

ChargePoint has built a reputation as one of the leading brand names in electric vehicle charging products and services.

JuiceBox Smart Charger – The Best Runner-up Home Charger

JuiceBox ev charger

The JuiceBox charger was set to pull 32 amps, 40 amps, or 48 amps on a 40-amp, 50-amp or hardwired. If you’re in an older house or if you’re not quite sure, you’re definitely going to want to check your electric panel, your circuit, and your wiring as best you can or either have an electrician coming to it.

The 48-amp version provides more power than your Ioniq 5 actually will be able to take, and the charger allows you to set the maximum amperage rating. It goes on with your standard J1772 connector right into your Ioniq 5.

The JuiceBox 40-amp charger plugs into a NEMA 14-50 outlet. It allows us to be charging at 9.6 kW which basically means it can refill your Ioniq 5 overnight.

It’s a Wi-Fi enabled unit. It allows you to monitor, control, and manage when your car charges based on the local grid demand, and how clean the local grid is. There are also neat features that allow you to set to charge your car to a certain capacity or a certain range and stop charging.

Compared with the previous generation of the Juicebox home charger, the newest version is a lot more stylish and smarter in its appearance.

Autel MaxiCharger – The Best Bang for the Buck Home Charger

The Autel MaxiCharger offers the 40-amp version that either plug into a NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 6-50 outlet. You get to decide which one of those plug configurations you want when you order it.

Autel also makes a 50-amp version, but that needs to be directly hardwired.

It has a 25-foot long cable, uses the North American standard J1772 connector, and has a NEMA 4-rated enclosure. The enclosure is good for outdoor use.

Autel makes the MaxiCharger in two different connector holster versions. It’s actually the only electric vehicle charging station that I’ve seen that comes like this you can order it, with either an integrated connector holster where the connector holsters directly into the body of the unit. You could also elect for the remote connector holster.

The MaxiCharger has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and internet connectivity. You can add a charging schedule as well as set the maximum amperage that the MaxiCharger will deliver to the Ioniq 5.

The MaxiCharger app is available for both Android and Apple users. The app can send you alerts. You can check your charging status, view past charging sessions and even see monthly totals for your charging. It gives you the exact amount of energy and money that it costs to charge your vehicle for that month. You can also adjust the amperage in the app.

There are three-year warranties that come with either version of the unit. They’re UL listed, and safety certified. They’re Energy Star certified. They’re efficient chargers.

Grizzl-E Classic – The Best Home Charger for Outdoor Use

Grizzl-e-classic charger

The Grizzl-E classic charger is available at a reasonable price on Amazon. It’s designed and made in Canada, best for outdoor uses because the out casing is made of aluminum alloy that could handle the elements.

It goes to a NEMA 6-50 or NEMA 14-50 outlet. You can adjust the amperage from 16 amps to 40 amps, which allows you to get a full battery (or 80%) overnight. You don’t want to charge to 100% all the time. Anyhow keep that battery in the 80% range. Go to 100% when you plan to take a long road trip.

The classic charger offers a 24-foot long cable that is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and is more than sufficient.

The charger is UL listed and offers a three-year warranty.

The Grizzl-E classic is recommended for your Ioniq 5 if you don’t care about smart features.

If you don’t care about the smart features, and want to get a robust EV charger, the Grizzle-E classic is a great alternative to the higher-priced EV chargers.

Grizzl-E Level 2 Smart Charger – The Best EV Charger Value

grizzl e smart ev charger

The Grizzl-E smart is the Level 2 charger that could provide up to 40 amps (9.6 kW) of charging power to your vehicle. It has the ability to adjust the power output to be 16 amps, 24 amps, 32 amps, and 40 amps on a 20-amp, 30-amp, 40-amp, and 50-amp dedicated circuit breaker, respectively.

The smart charger is built with an industry standard J1772 charging cable that is compatible with the Ioniq 5 in North America. The charger offers a NEMA 6-50 or NEMA 14-50 plug.

It features not only a 24-foot cable, but also includes a connector holster.

The Grizzl-E smart home charger is a great and durable charger that allows you to schedule, monitor and optimize your charging via a mobile app (AmpUp, ChargeLab or its own app).

It is insured for its safety and reliability because the charger is featuring lightning proof, overvoltage, overheat and overcurrent protection. Plus, the NEMA 4, IP67 water- and fire-resistant enclosure adds extra protection against elements. So the charger can provide a 100% guarantee to your vehicle while charging.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus – The Most Compact Home Charger for Ioniq 5

wallbox Pulsar Plus

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is one of the compact EV chargers on the market. They offer the 40-amp and the 48-amp versions. The 40-amp version is supplied with a NEMA 14-50 plug. If you choose the 48-amp one, the best install option is to hardwire the charger to get the full power for your Ioniq 5.

The out casing of this charger is NEMA 4 rated which withstands extreme weather. It offers a 25-foot long cable. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home assistant.

In terms of design, the Wallbox Pulsar Plus is one of the best-looking products on the market. It has a really nice finish with good build quality.

In terms of the app features, it’s an easy-to-use app. The Wallbox has spent a long time refining its app, making it really user-friendly. That’s something to take into consideration when looking at different units, making sure that the apps are user-friendly.

The Pulsar Plus comes with a three-year warranty. It’s UL safety certified.

The portability makes it a really nice prospect for people looking for a small, neat, smart charger.

Emporia Smart Home Charger – The Best Home Charger on a Budget

emporia smart ev charger

The Emporia EV charger with a 24-foot long cable can charge the Ioniq 5 in North America. The power output reaches up to 48 amps / 11.5kW if the charger is the hardwired version or up to 40 amps / 9.6 kW if the charger is installed with the included NEMA 14-50 adapter.

It is Wi-Fi enabled. With an iPhone or Android app, you can schedule charging and grant authorization to whom to charge their electric cars with your EV charger.

The IP66-rated enclosure makes your charger safe from most elements outside, so it should be for both indoor and outdoor installation.

One of the coolest features is if you pair it with their home energy monitoring system, you can actually use the excess solar power instead of going back out to the grid.

The Emporia home EV charger is one of the most portable EV charging stations on the market for your Ioniq 5.