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Grizzl-E Smart EV Charger Review

Last updated Oct 26, 2021 | Published on Sep 13, 2021
The Grizzl-E smart is a 40-amp electric vehicle charging station, the smart charging version of the very popular Grizzl-E classic EV charger. It’s the least expensive 40-amp smart charger available that you can buy on the market.

The Grizzl-E smart does even better than the classic in the case of home EV charging stations and can absolutely be added to your home charging station list.


Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0


Power Output

The Grizzl-E smart is a 40-amp electric vehicle charging station that can deliver up to 10 kW of power, which means that it can add 25-32 miles of range to an electric vehicle per hour of charging. It depends on how efficient the electric vehicle is.

You can de-rate the power from internal dip switches to either 32 amps, 24 amps, or 16 amps. When you order the Grizzl-E smart, you can have United Chargers set the dip switch to any one of those power levels, or you do it yourself, so it won’t deliver more power than what your circuit can provide.

The Grizzl-E smart comes with the NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 6-50 plug configuration, and you can also hardwire it if you prefer. The Grizzl-E smart is available in either white or black with a matching colored connector holster.

Cable Length and Flexibility

All Grizzl-E classic and smart come with a long 24-foot cable. United Chargers used to have a standard cable and a premium cold weather cable, but now they have already made the premium cable the standard that comes with all chargers. This thick cable is rated for extreme weather conditions.

However, the cable is a little too thick and doesn’t perform excellently in cold weather. If it’s a little bit more flexible, it would be better, but it’s good enough for cold weather applications.


The Grizzl-E smart uses the industry standard J1772 connector which all electric vehicles in North America use except for Tesla, but Tesla includes an adapter with every car they sell, so you’d be able to use the Grizzl-E smart to charge your Tesla with the provided adapter that Tesla gives you. Therefore, the Grizzl-E smart will charge any electric vehicle sold in North America without a problem.

Remote Connector Holster

The Grizzl-E smart has a remote connector holster. Some other charging stations have the connector holster integrated into the body of the unit. You can mount the holster wherever you want. That’s nice to have that flexibility.

Some people choose to install the charging station on a wall and the connector holster on another wall next to where they pull their EVs in the garage, so they don’t have to walk far to holster the connector and plug their cars in.

The connector holster, which United Chargers calls the Easy EV Plug, has a tapered edge around the outside that allows you to holster the connector easily. The connector snaps into place once you put the connector in the holster. It’s a small but useful feature that can make your daily plugging and unplugging a more pleasant procedure.

United Chargers also sells a lock for the connector holster. What it does is it prevents the connector from being removed from the holster, which would be important if you were in a public installation because you don’t want anybody using your charger on your electricity quite often.

People install these chargers in areas like parking lots for apartments or condominiums that are common access areas where anybody can just grab the connector, plug their EVs in, and charge them on your electricity. If that’s the case, you can get this little lock for $15 and lock the connector to the holster, so when you’re not using it, nobody else can.

NEMA 4 Rating

Like the Grizzl-E classic, the Grizzl-E smart has an aluminum outer casing that is NEMA 4 rated. NEMA 4 rating is suitable for indoor & outdoor installations and gives extra protection against blowing rain and snow.

The Grizzl-E classic and smart have the same mounting hardware. They’re both very simple to install.


Smart Charging

Typically, smart chargers are Wi-Fi or PLC connected charging stations that you pair with an app from the company that makes the charging station.

Let’s say ChargePoint Home Flex, for instance. ChargePoint makes their own app. When you install your ChargePoint Home Flex, you download the app and connect it to the charging station. Through the ChargePoint app, you can schedule charging, view pass charging sessions, and connect your charging station to your smart home, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home assistant.

However, United Chargers has taken a different approach. They’ve made the Grizzl-E smart an OCPP or Open Charge Point Protocol compliant charging station. The OCPP is an open source communication standard for electric vehicle charging stations and network software companies, which means that any EV charging station that is OCPP compliant can be configured to run on any OCPP compliant software.

That way, the Grizzl-E smart isn’t tethered to an app that United Chargers makes for it. United Chargers has come out with a smart Grizzl-E app, but it’s not fully baked yet. So if you buy the Grizzl-E smart now, don’t expect to have it fully featured, but it’s going to have more features enabled on it in the coming months.

Since the Grizzl-E gives you the opportunity to choose the app or the software that you want, you’re going to select something that suits your individual needs. Now United Chargers only has agreements with two apps, AmpUp and ChargeLab, but they expect to have dozens and dozens of software options available to their Grizzl-E smart customers pretty quickly.

While all of the smart charging features aren’t currently enabled on the Grizzl-E smart, soon, you’ll be able to schedule charging, start & stop a charging session, view past charging history, and set up notifications.

You’ll be able to power share between multiple Grizzl-E units, participate in utility Demand Response Programs that can save you some money.

You’ll also be able to turn your Grizzl-E smart into a commercial charger and collect payments for allowing people to use it, which can be really useful, particularly for places like apartment buildings and other multi-family dwellings.

The Grizzl-E smart is safety certified, and Energy Star certified.

weatherproof safety warranty
The Grizzl-E smart is a 40-amp Wi-Fi enabled smart charger. It’s Energy Star certified and safety certified with the UL rating. It’s an overall excellent value.

At $539 (as of 9/21/21), you can’t get another 40-amp Wi-Fi enabled smart charger for even neat that price. People shouldn’t have to pay too much for home charging equipment.

In addition, for only $539 (as of 9/21/21), you can have a fully functioning public charging station that uses QR code authentication and bills the person charging their car with your charger, which is a perfect solution for places like apartment buildings, workplace charging, and other multi-family dwellings.

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