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Razor MX350 Review

Last updated Nov 11, 2021

If you are looking for a gift for your kid who wants to get into dirt biking, the Razor MX350 would absolutely be one of the best purchases.

The Razor MX350 has turned out to be a wonderful tool to introduce the kids to dirt riding.

Riding the MX350 for a couple of seasons, your kid may be able to transit to riding a real dirt bike such as a Honda CRF50 successfully without any issue and without any training wheels.

The price point is on the low end of the spectrum when it comes to e-bikes, but the features and build quality deliver.

So how about giving your kid a surprise with an electric dirt bike!

The Razor MX350 dirt bike is a scaled-down, battery-powered dirt bike. It’s one of the bikes that is highly recommended if you want to get your kids into dirt biking.   

The MX350, one of the electric dirt rocket variants in Razor’s electric dirt bike lineup, is an entry-level electric dirt bike by Razor. 

With a seat height of 18.5″, it is the perfect sized bike to get your young kids in the saddle of their very own dirt bike and start learning the basics of riding a motorcycle.

Razor MX350 Specs

The Razor MX350 has a rigid frame with no suspension components, a 350W electrical motor, a 24-volt (two 12-volt) sealed lead acid battery, capable of 14 miles per hour or 22 kilometers per hour, 30-minute total run-time, 4 to 6 hours of charge time on the batteries.

The Razor MX350 comes in black 12” Pneumatic Knobby tires which are actually half decent riding on dirt and on pavement.

The dirt bike has a left-hand-operated rear brake, rubber hand grips with separate the twist-grip throttle, padded seat, adjustable position handlebars, durable plastic spring, retractable kickstand,  folding metal pegs, and an 18.5” seat height which is a little bit lower than the standard 50cc dirt bike.



Brand Razor
Retail Price $$
Recommened Age Range 13+
Actual Age Range 4-9
Top Speed 14 MPH (22.5 KPH)
Rider Weight Limit 140 lbs (63 kg)
Max Run-time 30 minutes
Voltage 24V (two 12-volt)
Battery lead-acid
Motor (W) 350W, single speed
Suspension None
Brakes Single rear brake
Tire Size 12″ pneumatic front and rear tires
Weight 48.92 lbs (22.1 kg)

Razor MX350 Features

Razor MX350 Price

If you’re looking for a way to introduce your kids to dirt biking, don’t overlook the Razor MX350 solely upon its cheap price point.

Normally the saying goes,“ you get what you pay for”, but in this case, it’s actually packing a lot of features listed at $329.99 on its website.

You can actually find the MX350 on sale at your local Walmart, Target or even Amazon for around $269.00  (as of 9/21/21) that makes it quite accessible for a lot of families looking to get their kids introduced into the sport and not breaking the bank.

Razor MX350 Rider’s Age

In the instructions of the Razor’s website, they advertise that the Razor MX350 dirt bike is rated for ages 13+.

However, the size of the bike is way too small for any 13-year-old kid to ride. Their knees are going to be in their face.

According to our experience, the 18.5” seat height is an excellent representation of a dirt bike for 4-6-year-old kids who are a little bit taller than the average.

Kids up to 8-9 years old could get on this bike and be super comfortable with its size without having it feel like a little dinky bike under them. 

Therefore, the Razor MX350 is absolutely perfect for the age range from 4 to 9 years old.

Razor MX350 Weight

When it comes to little kids and riding bikes, the factor “weight” is important.

The weight of the dirt bike is going to play a huge factor in whether or not these kids are out there having fun on it or they’re out there just struggling.

The Razor MX350 weighs around 50 pounds, which is not very heavy. If your kid tips the MX350 over for whatever reason, it’s not as big of mass laying on them, and they can pick it up themselves and keep on having fun.

Razor MX350 Battery and Charging

The Razor MX350 comes with two 12-volt lead-acid batteries underneath the gray cowling and a 110-volt wall charger that has a simple light indicator for charging.

It’s very easy to use. You plug the three-prong end into the side of the bike and charge it for four to six hours, and then you can run it for thirty minutes.

The light turns red, which means that it’s charging. When it’s green, it means the bike is charged.

The charge time is recommended at 12 hours. That’s just to get the batteries up to that initial charge rate and then your charge time is going to be ranging between four to six hours each time you need to recharge the bike.

The max amount of time that you should leave the bike plugged into the charger is 24 hours.

In order to keep the batteries in optimal condition, it’s recommended to charge right after riding and before extended periods of non-use and to recharge periodically if not in use for longer periods of time.

In addition, make sure the switch is in the “off” position while charging and in storage. 

Razor MX350 Ride Time and Charge Time

Razor MX350 Ride Time

The ride time is about 30 minutes of continuous use, which means that you ride the bike continuously with holding the throttle for 30 minutes.

Generally, the run-time varies, depending on the size, the weight of the rider, conditions where you’re riding and how hard you’re riding the dirt bike, etc.

For example, if you’re in off-road terrain which is a little bit bumpy or if you’re in thick grass, it’s going to drain that battery a lot quicker.

While the pavement riding is going to get you the longest run time on the Razor MX350 for sure. That’s because it’s got less resistance on the tires and the motors don’t have to work as hard as on dirt.

Therefore, the battery may last for a bit longer or shorter than the advertised run-time.

Razor MX350 Charge Time

The Razor MX350 needs about 4-6 hours of charge time on the batteries, which is way too long.

The battery is not removable or swappable. You might be able to do it, but the Razor didn’t design it to do it that way.

If you have a young kid, playing outside for an hour may be enough. Your kid gets out and rides the dirt bike in the morning. After an hour, he’s had his fun and wants to go have a snack or take a break.

However, if you have a little bit older kid that has the energy and the stamina and he wants to ride longer, it would not be enough. The battery starts draining when you go out in the morning. Your kid isn’t having fun, but the battery is going dead.

Razor MX350 Ride Time Versus Charge Time

The biggest downside to the MX350 is in the batteries themselves: a 4-6 hour charge time for a 30minute run-time or real seat time.

For the kids, the run-time is probably around an hour, depending on how heavy they are and where you’re riding.

The time comparison indicates that your kid is only getting out on the MX350 dirt bike once per day. They’re going to have their fun, and then it’s time to put it away to charge.

They might get out two times a day if they’re going out early morning and after dinner. 

When they’re really young, this might not be an issue. But as the kids get older, the bike’s going to run dry in power before the kids are going to run out of stamina to ride it. 

Razor MX350 Pros and Cons

What We Like About the Razor MX350

They can learn thebasic skills and confidence on the MX350

The size, weight and ergonomics of the MX350 are a great representation of a real dirt bike.

The young kids with the riding experience on the Razor MX350 are going to get a better feel for the bike managing the momentum, the weight of the throttle that they need to give in the corners in order to keep them upright.

It’s also going to build their confidence and their skills when it comes to transitioning over to a real dirt bike like the Honda CRF50.

Quiet operation

Kids are not going to be intimidated by the way the Razor MX350 electric dirt bike sounds. It’s nice and quiet with no noise or vibration. It’s just for kids to have fun and feel confident on the bike.

No heat

As the Razor MX350 is an electric bike, there’s nothing hot on the bike, so they’re not going to burn themselves or anything like that.

Minimum maintenance

The simplicity of the components keeps the maintenance to a minimum. All you have to do is keep the battery charged the brake cables adjusted just like a bicycle.

Decent power

At 24 volts, it’s got decent power. It’s perfect for learning on the MX350. It’s not too snappy from the get-go, and it can go fast enough to keep your kids entertained once they get the hang of it.

What We Don’t Like about the Razor MX350

The run-time is relativelyshort, and the charge time is way too long

The run-time versus how long it takes to charge is one of the downsides. The lead-acid batteries are much cheaper than the lithium-ions that come in other models.  But this what keeps the bike affordable.

The lack of any kind of suspensionlimits the comfort and control

The Razor MX350 has no suspension or rear shock or something like that. If the terrain gets pretty bumpy or rocky, it does bounce which makes it uncomfortable or harder for your child.

The throttle isnon-progressive

The MX350 doesn’t have adjustable throttle speeds. It just has a single speed. It’s simply an on/off switch. If you twist it far enough, it turns the power on; if you twist it back, it turns it off.

It’s not a progressive throttle like you would have on a normal bike.

The foot pegs don’tactually have a spring return in them

They do fold up so when your kid lays the bike down, and you’re not going to bend them or break them off. 

But when they pick the bike back up, get right back on it and off they go, they’re fumbling around looking for the foot pegs trying to get their feet on them.

In Conclusion

All in all, the Razor MX350 dirt bike is an excellent little bike to get your kids building their foundational skills and confidence on a motorcycle.

If you’re considering purchasing one for the next generation of dirt riders in your family, do so with confidence. The Razor MX350 dirt bike is really durable, reliable and your kids are going to have a blast.

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Note: Once you get your kids the Razor MX350, please make sure that your kids should be wearing helmets at all times.